Turdnado "the shittiest movie ever made"

5th Underground is proud to announce our next feature film "Turdnado" which is to be billed as "The shittiest movie ever made".

The script was written by Mark Shell and Marshall Ever in early 2017

Pre-production started in mid 2017

Production/filming started November 2018 and is expected to go through May of 2019 with an expected completion date of July 2019

Bill Heckman is being played by Jacob Le Doux and we have reached out to Mike Rowe for the role of Bob Harris.

5th Underground has budgeted $10,000 to the production of this movie and distribution is expected through Chemical Burn Entertainment.

The release title will most likely be Turdnado #2 - with #2 referring to taking a shit.


The Shittiest Movie Ever Made

Unlikely hero's Bill Heckman and Bob Harris fight off a shitstorm created when a tornado touches down in Baltimore's Inner Harbor after more than Million Gallons of sewage are spilled. A large raw sewage spill in the Inner Harbor is sucked up into a large tornado creating a TurdNado - the TurdNado reaks havoc on the city of Baltimore and surrounding areas, pelting people, business, etc. with shit. The TurdNado picks up power and becomes a category 5+ Turdnado as it heads for the shit plant in Dundalk - once it hits the shit plant, it becomes even stronger. Bill and Bob come to the rescue with their shit trucks and start sucking the shit out of the Turdnado to try and shut the storm down.

There will be fun plays on the shit plant in essex/dundalk and the toilet bowl. This is intended to be a comedy, but there will be some odd horror elements in the movie as the "shit hits the fan" making people really angry and attacking each other. Things become a real shit storm when politics get involved.

The movie ends as the turds have been removed, but then the tornado starts heading towards DC

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