8 Ball Clown

The phenomenon of clown sightings has made it to the White House, who would ever have thought that the President would be talking about clown sightings. But here in Crawford County, things are different, a clown may be the last thing you see.

8 Ball the Clown, fueled by the opioid crisis and his addictive tendencies transitions into an addiction to death. Tormented, he seeks to find those tear away his dreams and end their lives.

I am 8 Ball the Clown and I became a clown to entertain, to create laughter, and to make people happy. But I became exhausted and beaten down in all major categories, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was so filled with rage and the pain burned, oh how it burned in my brain, eating at me feeding my addiction. I tried to make it go away, to sooth the pain with a little opioid here or there, until my addiction grew out of control and I could no longer contain the rage, the mental and emotional issues feeding a storm that would not stop until I spewed destruction.

There have been a handful of dark times in my life, where I tended to erupt like a volcano shattering the dreams and illusions of being the greatest clown ever. I'm sure I'm not that different from many others, but lately I've been feeling unstable again and my addiction has evolved into an insatiable lust for killing and I don’t just kill, I bring them to my God, flowing through their veins in a precarious manner bringing the pleasure of euphoria and the pain of certain death. I am 8 Ball the clown and I will make you happy, oh yes you will be happy.

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