Krokodil is like being crucified with Jesus

The following is a monologue from 8 Ball Clown II

Krokodil is like being crucified with Jesus

As the passion of her deity flows through my body, coalescing with my mind

Eating away at me from the inside as she kisses my veins oh so gently

In a painful incarnation as I consort with the vicious tendencies of her delirium

Burning, oh how the fire burns and the pain recedes as I breathe my last breath

Choking on my own vomit, condemning my soul as the white lady crucifies me.

Oh, the unclean needle feeding the necrosis blurring my image or reality

I will forsake you and rise again in an inseparable resurrection covered in eschars

I shall hunt you and kill you for that is my God’s wishes

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