8 Ball Clown II Casting

We are currently working on the script for 8 Ball Clown II "Krokodil Zombies". The main characters have been cast already, but there is a need for the following: Tentatively filming October 2017 - should be ONE WEEKEND ONLY

ZOMBIES: Well you start off normal, but then after the clowns give you Krokodil, you turn into a zombie and then it becomes a fight between zombies and clowns. The clowns win of course.

Want to be a Zombie? These should be fun roles; I'm leaving the zombie character to the individual. Create your own zombie character, you want speaking lines, then write them. I want all kinds of zombies and there are no real restrictions except you must run your idea through the director. I think it will be fun to improv the zombies - I'm thinking flamboyant gay zombie, lazy zombie that eats brains and drinks beer, sexy zombie, I do want two zombies that keep having sex, this is your chance to show what you got and create your own character. We will be providing limited makeup and effects, so I need to know in advance what you are planning to do. Do zombies get paid? Yes; but I haven't set the rate yet. It will likely be a flat rate plus bonus based on the character you create. The zombie scene is a major part of the movie, but it's a drug induced hallucination, so you can do anything and continuity doesn't matter much. How many zombies are needed? 20 or more. How many days will we be filming? 1 although some zombies may have a 2nd or 3rd day of filming. It depends on your availability and the character you create.

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